I’d Rather Be Eating Cake

The moving van’s coming in three hours. Everything I own is in a box or waiting to be put in a box. There’s so much left to do, and all I want is to sneak off somewhere and come back when it’s all done. So in the spirit of "Wish I Were Anywhere But Here", won’t you join me for:

A bubble bath in a tub of flowers?

A light lunch perhaps?

A postprandial snooze? Don’t forget to bring your tutu…

A polka-dot party with extra cake for everyone?

And I do mean extra cake!

We’ll retire to the parlour for a chat…

…or if you prefer we could take a quick dip in the pool…

Just a spot of tea before we head back…

And when we return the move will be all over, everything will be tidy and organized, and we can celebrate with our first sleep in our new home!

All images courtesy of the very talented Polly Wreford, represented by Sarah Kaye.


3 Responses to “I’d Rather Be Eating Cake”

  1. Ami @ Elizabeth Anne Designs Says:

    what an absolutely gorgeous blog you have!

  2. Lara @ Southern Weddings Says:

    These images are sooo dreamy! I could stare all day. Beautiful!

  3. The City Sage Says:

    Thanks Lara! It was hard to pick my faves because Polly’s photos are all so beautiful…that one with the pool is especially getting to me right now!

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