Proper Plum Wedding

Coco + Kelley, one of my favourite design blogs, is having a wedding inspiration board contest. So even though things around here are crazy right now—what with moving to San Francisco from Brooklyn in four days!—I’m shirking my packing and cleaning responsibilities and fiddling around on the internet instead!

The contest involves creating a wedding inspired by one of the beautiful interiors posted here. I chose this one because I love purple, because the textures of linen, ceramic, and wild greenery really appealed to me, and because I’m a little obsessed with that style of Gustavian sofa in the background…


Here’s the resulting board so far. This isn’t my final entry, rather a work in progress. I’m imagining a proper English wedding breakfast with ‘rugged windswept moors’ undercurrent: sort of a ‘Sense and Sensibility’ meets ‘Jane Eyre’ mood. But I’ve spent the last five hours working on this and now I seriously have to do some chores. I promise I’ll polish it up and post the image credits in a bit once I’ve gotten some ‘real’ work done…



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