Random Registry Ramblings

It’s arrived! My first official ‘from the registry’ wedding gift! As you can tell, this Pro View Pepper Mill from Williams Sonoma is a much needed addition to my kitchen arsenal. The plastic Costco pepper grinder on the left has seen one too many hot burners…poor fella. And yes, that is duct tape holding it together.


I’m excited to discover what other items from the registry pique my invitees’ interest. It was fun but also a little stressful putting together the list. I tried to cover the gamut from functional to frivolous, and I also tried to provide options at different price points. In the ‘boring but useful’ category I’ve got a Dyson vacuum and some Samsonite luggage (ok, who am I kidding; a new vacuum is anything but boring!)
In the category of ‘wacky tools I’ve always wanted but thought too silly to buy myself’: a high-tech fat separator for making superior gravy, and a scary looking meat pounder for cooking extra tender chicken parm (and for taking out post-wedding aggression).

These two fall into the ‘serve no purpose whatsoever but they sure are cute’ camp: pink ceramic bowls by artisan Daniel Smith, and a platinum plated piggy bank from Jonathan Adler. These bowls might become my go-to vessel for yogurt and fruit in the mornings…

And finally, bringing up the rear in the ‘wishful thinking’ department, these railroad tie bookshelves from Viva Terra. I’ve had my eye on these for a couple years, and hey— if you’re gonna dream, dream big!



One Response to “Random Registry Ramblings”

  1. Inspired Goodness Says:

    Congratulations on your very first registry gift! Before you know it, they will be rolling in by the UPS-loads.
    We are so on the same page – I’m loving that Viva Terra bookshelf – check out my post about the matching tables and chairs: http://inspiredgoodness.typepad.com/inspired_goodness/2008/04/lets-decorate-d.html

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