Easy as ABC

Every day on my way to the office I walk past ABC Carpet and Home
(aka New York City’s mecca for all things gorgeous and droolworthy). I
could take another route from the subway, of course, but I love salivate
over their phenomenal window displays. And this summer’s displays have
been no exception: glistening glasswares, rough-woven organic hemp
bedding, brightly embroidered pillows, and a perfect blend of modern
and traditionally styled furniture. I’d move into those windows if
they’d let me…


(image courtesy of ABC Carpet and Home)

Yesterday I got tired of standing awestruck on the sidewalk and went
into the store. Imagine my delight to discover that the bottles I’ve
been admiring since May were only $25 each! And they’re from a Fair Trade crafts co-op in Bolivia, one that supports over 800 families. And
they’re made from recycled glass that has been melted down and
hand-blown into one-of-a-kind shapes. Socially conscious,
environmentally responsible, and easy on the eyes? Yes, please! It’s
like inviting Brad Pitt home to live on your bookshelves…


Of course I couldn’t pass up these peacock mugs for $15 apiece.
They’re hand-painted and from a similar crafting community in
Guatemala, only with these the funding goes towards education
scholarships for local children. And don’t the little peacocks have
such personality? They’re just right for groggy mornings while you’re
waiting for the coffee to brew.


Should I have indulged in this little spree? Probably not. But
here’s my rationale: I’m leaving New York in ten days and moving to San
Francisco, and my walks past ABC are one of the things I’ll miss most.
And for two years I’ve resisted those window displays. Now I have a
lovely reminder of my time here, and my purchases have contributed to
the resources of the craftspeople who made them.

And for my husband who’s reading this and learning via blog post about the money I
spent, just imagine my big Bambi eyes as I say,
"Shnookums, I sorry."


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