A Savvy Blog

I spent the weekend in the Bay Area dealing with wedding stuff after a long hiatus from planning. Mr. Groom and I met with our florist, did our tasting at the reception venue (the Sonoma Mission Inn), and even went to a Sunday service and had coffee with our officiant at the church where we’re having the ceremony. It’s funny how many details there are to manage… How many cocktail tables do we want? Do we want hemstitched napkins? Are we providing our own toasting glasses? And I haven’t even started to do the seating plans yet…yikes!

With so much to worry about, I’m super glad to be working with Kelly, the wedding coordinator at the Inn. She’s got our back when it comes to those small details. Kelly is a terrific resource with a wealth of experience, and she’s a joy to hang out with as well!

Kelly has a terrific event blog with great ideas and lots of inspirational images. It’s called ‘A Savvy Event’. Isn’t that a fun name?


She also writes a really entertaining moms and babies blog called ‘A Savvy Baby‘. But I think I’d better focus on surviving the wedding before I start in on that side of things 🙂

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