Shall We Spoon?

One of my favourite Domino mag columns is ‘Can this Outfit be Turned into a Room’.
I love seeing how one discipline, be it fashion, interiors, photography
or otherwise, can inspire and inform another. It’s eye-opening to see
what the talented team at Domino comes up with, but it’s also a fun
exercise you can do at home to challenge your creative impulse. Just
pick a source of inspiration—an outfit you love, a photo that strikes
you, even a single object that’s caught your eye—and combine seemingly
disparate elements to build an homage to that source.  It opens the
door to a more layered and multidimensional design approach, but at the
same time establishes boundaries to work within.

So I thought this week I’d push myself to do one of these
inspiration boards a day. The first is a room inspired by a photo I
just adore from David Prince.
David’s work is gorgeous,  with timeworn elegance juxtaposed against an
underlying rawness. This image of antique spoons with salt really
exemplifies that tension.


Here’s what I ended up with…


Snooze Sofa in elephant gray nubuck from Ochre; DIY instructions for salt dough vessels from Anna at Food+Flower+Style; George Cocktail Table with iron base and resin top by Oly Studio; Trail Hemp Pillow in Espresso from Amenity; Layla wool pillow at Crate and Barrel; Borghese mirror at Z Gallerie; Mercury Glass Canister from Beach Dwelling; Eliza Chair by Hickory Chair; Atelier Task Lamp from Restoration Hardware.

I stuck with the black and mixed metallic shades of the original
photo and tried to select things that echoed the patina of the still
life. The mirror, the mercury glass, and the chair, I also incorporated
to instill that aged and deconstructed tone. Other elements, like the
legs of the table and the patterns on the pillows, were inspired by
thinking about what salt and other compounds look like at the molecular
level. Some things are working better than others for me. For example,
I love the chair and think it’s perfect for this vignette (those brass
nail heads: drool!), but I’m not sure that pillow in the middle is
quite right.

What do you think? Did I pull it off? What would you keep? What would you switch out? I’d love thoughts and comments…Thanks!


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