The White Stuff

In February when I think ahead to summer, I picture myself
breezing through those carefree months without breaking a sweat.
Of course, the reality of summer is very different from my distant
winter memories of it. Lately I do very little breezing and an awful
lot of sweating—the steamy city heat has me dashing from one
air-conditioned interior to another.

In my imagination, July requires only a closet full of that
warm-weather staple: the white dress. As with summer in general, the
reality of the white dress (pit stains, anyone?) makes a mess of the
fantasy. But what’s a summer without daydreams…?

Theory is a standby resource for classic, wear-anywhere pieces, and this stretch linen dress is no exception.  Simple and straightforward with gorgeous pintuck detailing that keeps things interesting and leans out the waistline—I’d slip it on with my new Keds for an afternoon of flea-marketing.


I envision this shirtdress from twenty8twelve
on a high-powered magazine editress. She wears it to the office for a
Friday half-day, pairing it with platform Louboutins and diamond studs.
After a morning of meetings, she pulls a pair of strappy leather
sandals from her red Birkin Bag and heads for the Hamptons. The dress transitions seamlessly, of course.


This gauzy voile number by Joie
would make a perfect cover-up at the beach. Toss it on over your bikini
when you start to get too much sun, or use it to hide trouble spots as
you stroll along the sand. Just be careful not to drip gelato on it
when you grab that triple-decker cone on the boardwalk!


James Perse is the t-shirt king, so it should come as no surprise that his jersey dresses
look equally soft and comfy. In my summer fantasy life I hop out of bed
on a Saturday morning, throw on this dress and my purple Havaianas,
clip my (imaginary) puppies onto their (imaginary) leash, and head to Blue Marble for some Fair Trade coffee. Ah…(imaginary) bliss!


Remember about five years ago when Da-nang came out with those nifty silk cargo pants? Well, here’s their white dress equivalent.
I’m especially mad for the great button detail up the back. That’s the
beauty of white; it’s never boring, always crisp, clean, effortless. And like summer as a whole, it
doesn’t take much to elevate it to the realm of
something really special.



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