Deep Flea Diving

I’m a marathon shopper. I can go all day. When I’m on the hunt,
nothing can get in my way. But there’s one department in which my
shopping prowess is seriously lacking: I suck at vintage. I have no
patience for digging through piles and piles of overpriced junk to find
that one hidden gem.

And that’s a shame, because shopping vintage not only can yield some
amazing finds, it’s friendlier to the environment than buying new
products. So finally yesterday I worked up some courage and headed to
the Brooklyn Flea.
I went armed only with a camera and $45 in cash. Most of what I saw was
ugly, ordinary, highway robbery, or a combination of all three. But
there was some nifty stuff nonetheless…

Can’t you see having a backyard picnic and filling these glasses to
the brim with ice-cold lemonade? I love that they come with their own
nifty carrying basket.


I imagine it’s quite rare to find a complete canister set in as
great a condition as this one. These would look terrific in a rustic
kitchen; the metal would provide a touch of industrial edge without
seeming too contemporary. They have such an air of Depression Era


There was the standard offering of mid-century modern furniture,
which usually doesn’t interest me too much. However, I found myself
quite drawn to the elegant lines on the drawers of this bureau.


I’m a sucker for anything that swivels, so these chairs really hit
the mark. They were only $40 for the pair! But the vinyl was peeling
off, and we don’t have a spot in the apartment for them anyway.


The prize for the strangest item of the day goes to this purse, which
was constructed solely from the dried out body of an armadillo.


Doesn’t this silhouette look like a Home Ec. teacher from the
mid-1960’s? I’ll bet this woman could make magic with a few yards of
corduroy and a Singer sewing machine.


One vendor had a great selection of vintage hats and hair pieces.
This feather headband would look beautiful on a bride with a modern,
slightly whimsical sensibility. Such a fresh alternative to a veil, yet
still so romantic!


In the end I spent my $45 on these 5 vintage silver vessels. With a little polish they’ll
be perfect for the flower arrangements I’m planning for the wedding
reception. Attractive and useful with a minimum of digging: not bad for a day’s haul!



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