Randomly Delicious

My most wonderful finds usually occur when I am least expecting them; I think this is probably the case for most people.

Thursday I stopped into a shop on an errand for work and–lo and
behold!–found the below papers from Cavallini Papers & Co. Because
they’re meant as gift wrap they are quite large (about 2.5 x 3.5 feet), so
they’re perfect for making a bold statement on my kitchen wall.

I love that they are a little…well…weird. Like odd illustrations in
children’s books from the mid-20th century. The detailing on this cheese paper
is positively grotesque. And isn’t it terrific how the heading at the
top reads just "Cheese"? Such an absurd understatement!    


Sweet Treats
especially thrills me, in the same way as does reading old copies of
‘The Joy of Cooking’–with it’s instructions on how to skin squirrels
and prepare armadillos for the table. I can just imagine the frustrated
1949 housewife crafting these elaborate gelatins as her sole outlet of
artistic expression. She invites the neighbourhood ladies for a
kaffeeklatch and they silently seeth with jealousy at the sculptural
perfection of her Apples a la Parisienne.


The Kate’s Paperie website has a huge selection of Cavallini papers, stationery and accessories, and so does Touch of Europe. Or check out the company’s website
to request a catalogue. An online shopping trip led me to this great
vintage toy pattern, which would look awesome in a baby’s room…


…and this alphabet set would make perfect decoupage material to spruce up an old dresser or tabletop (project instructions here).


The best part? For $4.50 a pop, these papers are an economical DIY alternative to the John Derian decoupage movement that’s everywhere these days. Just grab some scissors and Mod Podge and the world is your oyster!


One Response to “Randomly Delicious”

  1. kathryn Says:

    I really really REALLY adore these.

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