Evian Design

A major bonus of working at a design firm is getting to hang out with some really talented people. I particularly admire the work of my desk mate Sarah Evans, who not only kicks designer butt in the office but also does amazing illustration work in her spare time. There’s a dark humor to her vision that contrasts brilliantly with the absurd whimsy of her subjects.

These bunnies have a quiet menace about them. I think it’s in the eyes.


This one raises more questions than it answers. Where did the chick get those boots? Who’s making boots that small, anyway? And the other chicks are clearly jealous, but is it the boots or those long chicken legs that they envy?


Sarah also does terrific stuff with type and collage, creating visual complexities that complement the emotional layers of her work. Here the sheep (those red eyes!) are almost terrifying, but the words are laugh-out-loud funny!


Frankly I think she should try her hand at designing textiles. Her ice cream pattern would make a hilarious shower curtain or tea towel. And wouldn’t you want to rest your head on a pillowcase covered in maraschino cherries?


More than once I’ve co-opted Sarah’s vision for my own nefarious purposes—including the baby shower we recently threw for a beloved colleague. The motif Sarah created became the life of the party, appearing on everything from the gift tag to the favours!


All illustrations are courtesy of Sarah’s website; check it out for more fun and games. And remember kids:



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