Do Me a Favour

Everyone knows the best thing about a party is the presents you get
for going. And I’m one of those people who loves giving presents even
more than I love receiving them (which I saying a lot, because I love receiving presents!). So I’m super psyched about planning the favours for my wedding guests.

My very talented sister has been kind enough to create an original
piece of artwork that I am determined to work into every element of the
wedding. It’s a poppy: a nod to our San Francisco/Sonoma wedding
destination and to my childhood memories of the brilliant blossoms that
line the roadsides every California Spring .


It’s already on our invitations (which I’m so excited to get
back from the printer!) and will of course be on items like the escort
cards, the menu, etc. But because my sister’s done such a lovely job on
the motif, I want it on more than just the pieces of paper that will be
tossed into the recycling bin after the wedding. Here’s what I’m


I’m in love with the idea of having guests blow bubbles instead of
throwing rice or birdseed as we leave the church. The Knot sells mini
bubble blowers by the dozen. It will be so easy to print the motif on blank stickers and affix them to the bottles!

so many people coming from far and away (Canada! Sweden! Australia!)
I’d like to have a little welcome bag waiting upon their arrival. A
soft cotton tote with a screen-printed motif is eco-friendly, handy to
have while traveling, and a nice take-away, too. Guests can use it as a
market bag when they’ve returned home, so a trip to the grocery store
can induce (hopefully) fond memories of our wedding.


But what to put in the bag? Chocolate bars are a no-brainer.
It’s so easy to do this yourself with a bunch of candy, some nice
paper, a good printer, and a little double-sided tape. I’ll make them
special by using ‘destination specific’ chocolate like  Ghirardelli or  Guittard.


Mints are another good stand-by and great to have around, especially when you’re
the new in-laws! I love the retro pharmacy appeal of the Altoids
tin–it’s reusable!–and again a good printer and some Avery labels
make this a simple customization project. Lure your bridesmaids with
the promise of sweets, then hand them some stickers and a case of
Altoids! Remember, project management is all about delegating 🙂


My family members are all big coffee and tea drinkers, so a big mug
stuffed with locally roasted coffee beans will make a meaningful
souvenir. I love the idea of sending folks home with treats from the Carmel Valley Coffee Roasting Company so they can brew a little piece of California. Such a tasty, fragrant reminder of their trip!



And last but not least, weddings and traveling make people thirsty.
But plastic water bottles are an environmental no-no. I’m on the hunt
for a (reasonably priced) website that will put the design on reusable
water bottles, ensuring that guests can save the planet and hydrate in style!

all I need is someone to whom I can delegate the actual assembly and
delivery of all these things. Any volunteers? Please note: applicants
must be willing to cope with the perfectionist, Bridezilla tendencies I
am starting to display!

One Response to “Do Me a Favour”

  1. Mussy Wells Says:

    Where is your absentee MOH these days??? Trying to shirk responsibility??? Doesn’t she know that the bride shouldn’t be burdened with duties such as these?
    She’s probably feeling bad (slash inadequate next to BM’s artistic contribution) somewhere up in Canada wondering what/ how she is ever going to fulfill the duties she is honoured to have and waiting for some directions from a fearless leader. uuuggghhhhh deep breath!! Being a teacher coming out of week with her head in a report-card -induced hole the beleagered MOH is likely now ready and raring to go on (start) with her duties. She (probably) also regrets the above run-on sentence.

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