White Wedding

You know you have weddings on the brain when you see a flyer advertising "Backyard Weeding" and think, "How nice! Someone’s having an at-home reception!"

I thought I had all the big decisions made for my August 30th wedding in San Francisco/Sonoma. The venue is booked, the dress is bought, the band and photographer are waiting in the wings. It turns out that those decisions were minor compared to the ones that face me now.

Flowers? Who knew that weddings require so many flowers? Flowers for the altar and for the pews, flowers for the bride, her maids, her groom and his men. Flowers for the reception tables, the cocktail tables, the escort tables. So far I know just two things about my flowers:

1. I want them to be white.
2. I want them to be arranged in my family’s heirloom silver bowls and pitchers. Not only do I love the fresh yet historied look of white against vintage silver (here in a wedding by Oh How Charming)…


…it also seems like a meaningful way to include my family’s treasured possessions at the reception. It’s my ‘something old’, so to speak. Below, a lovely example from Style Me Pretty.


I actually don’t love the below arrangement image from The Knot—the pokey-up tulips look haphazard—but you get the idea about the silver here.


The other thing I know I want is an all-white candy bar. Yesterday the editor at The Bride’s Guide waxed poetic about what lovely favours a candy buffet can yield, and I have been daydreaming about one for a months. It’s a fantasy that appeals to all the senses…


…not only through the visuals of the myriad sizes, shapes and textures of the candy, but the sound the little scoop makes when you dig out some M&M’s, or that nostalgic Halloween smell that hits you when you lean in real close. (The below photo is the work of David Prince, who I’m more than a bit obsessed with at the moment…)


But white flowers in silver and a candy bar do not a wedding make. So apparently I have more decisions ahead of me than behind me, and each seems more critical than the last. Stay tuned as I agonize over grosgrain vs. satin, buttercream vs. fondant, and the various merits of dragees, pastilles, and their confectionery cousins.

In the meantime I’ll leave you with a bouquet by the florist I hope to work with, Karen at Tapestry Flowers. Just looking at it will give me sweet dreams tonight! And with that, I’m off to bed.




2 Responses to “White Wedding”

  1. dolce chic Says:

    I love that white bouquet!!!

  2. dolce chic Says:

    I love that white bouquet!!!

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