Grey Matter


I've mentioned my obsession with neutral shades in passing, but allow me now to indulge myself. Though I sometimes manage to inject bright color into my decor, I usually end up same muted tones of grey, white, and taupe: colors with names like "mushroom, mouse, elephant, ecru, eggshell", and if I'm feeling really adventurous, "mauve". According to the principles of feng shui, grey and white bring a sense of purity and order, and in my house, we can certainly use a little help in the 'purity and order' department!

Curl up with a cup of tea and a copy of Pride and Prejudice at Sweetpea and Willow.


A silky faux fur throw adds texture to crisp white linens and an upholstered bedframe.


Sweet dreams are guaranteed when you put your bed under a flower chandelier.


A sunbleached sitting room made even breezier by some casually tossed pillows.


Gather friends around the table and dine only on white foods a la Erik Satie.


Head over to  Knack and admire these platters–they're too pretty to use for serving food!


And an image from the kitchen of Martha Stewart (the queen of 'purity and order' herself). Even the kittens match the color scheme!


Like it? Stay tuned for a grey and white shopping trip. Though I don't think kittens will be on the agenda…

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