Crime Doesn’t Pay

Okay, the subject line on this one is completely unrelated to the
content. Tonight’s post is being cut short by my husband’s realization
that someone smashed the back window of our car to steal items of
value. Fortunately for me—and unfortunately for our hapless
thief—there was nothing of value to be stolen. But it’s still
annoying. Grrr!

So I’ll save the snazzy long post I had planned for tonight in
favour of a quick public health announcement. I was remiss yesterday to
discuss my outdoor exercise habits without putting in a plug for the
importance of sunscreen. I’ve been making a supreme effort to wear it
whenever I go outside. Though I wish I could say that my motivation
stems from my desire to prevent skin cancer, in honesty it comes from
my hopes that a high SPF will keep me wrinkle-free well into my

Here’s where it gets tricky. My skin breaks out if I even look at a
greasy cream. And the smidgiest bit of product causes my eyes to sting
like nobody’s business. Sunscreen and a sweaty run do not kind
bedfellows make. But I’ve discovered Clarins UV Plus, and now all is
right with the world.


Because it contains titanium dioxide as its protective ingredient,
it doesn’t burn my eyes the way a chemical sunscreen can. And it’s
oil-free, so it doesn’t cause blemishes; yet at the same time, it
doesn’t leave the dry, chalky film that other ‘no shine’ products do. I
use it on its own when I run in the park, or I apply it under make-up
for daily incidental sun exposure. Even when I wear contact lenses and
am therefore ultra-sensitive, I can go the whole day without a blind
dash to the sink for an emergency eye rinse.

The take home? Protect against UV rays, whatever your reasons. And
if you’re looking for a good sunscreen, this is it. Because even though
crime doesn’t pay, a liberal application of SPF 40 does.

Now I’m off to tape garbage bags over the hole where my window was…


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