Orange Pop

I live in an apartment full of muted greys, soft taupes and clean
whites. I would love to mix in a splash fuchsia, a dash of chartreuse. Yet I can’t take the leap. What if I get sick of it? What if it looks
ugly? The thought of color in the living room–or in the bedroom, or in
the office–terrifies me.

But color in the kitchen? Bring it on! Perhaps because I spend most
of my playtime in the kitchen, I’m more than willing to goof around
with the decor. Right now I’m working on a wallscape of
bright, juicy orange artwork, which stands out brilliantly against my
Benjamin Moore Chantilly White walls. And when you’re being
non-committal about color, there’s no point in spending a lot of money.
So how to do it on a budget?

For starters, I painted the central piece myself. A flip through my old Dominoes resulted in a flash of OpArt Inspiration…


…which resulted in the canvas seen in this impromptu tomato and
turnip still life. The painting is super easy to do. Even an
artistically challenged individual such as myself can manage it; I’ll
include a step-by-step as soon as I get my act together and paint a
second one. The tablecloth is from Crate and Barrel; table linens are another great way to be adventurous with color, without dropping too much cash.


I also love to scour antique print shops for odd and hilarious
artifacts of times gone by. I discovered this food label from the early
1950’s at Pageant Books on East 4th. It’s only a nod to my orange color scheme, but at $5 I had to have it. I’m going to frame it in a white acrylic frame with a white mat. And what the heck are kiln dried yams, anyway? 


Also awaiting framing are two pieces from Etsy–hands down the best resource for inexpensive original art. The baby tiger came in a pack of hand-stamped notecards, and the poster
is a stylized version of a British WWII PSA. Both these sellers have
lovely selections and will custom produce anything if you get in touch
with them. 


for projects like this, Etsy has a function that allows you to search
by color. A quick peek at today’s orange offerings yields:

Lovebirds perched on a branch by valentinadesign.
A plaintive fox from OrangeWillow.
John Golden’s homage to the humble cassette tape


…Dan C. makes butter beans dance.
Wyatt Earp in acrylic on wood by Robert Comire.
WithWallPaper elevates the old school toaster to high art.


Take your pick, or snap up all six! Each piece is less than $15:
proof that one-of-a-kind design is within reach for even the most
color-phobic amongst us. And when I tire of orange, there’s always


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