Post-Wedding Blues (and Purples, Whites, Greens…)

I’m terribly jet-lagged after taking last night’s red-eye from L.A.
to New York, but I’m trying to get into the habit of posting
regularly–even if it’s just something small. So here’s a quickie:

I traveled out west to attend the wedding of college friends and–as
weddings tend to be–it was beautiful. The bride was glowing, the food
excellent and the company divine. And the gorgeous flowers completed a
perfect evening. Everyone thought I was nuts because I insisted on
photographing every arrangement, but I’m glad I did because here they
are for your viewing pleasure!

Tall wire and moss baskets full of dogwood, hydrangea and white iris stood behind the altar.


The bridesmaids carried blue Siberian Iris (my all-time favourite!) and green hydrangea.


More Siberian Iris perched high in a corner…


…while magenta tulips made an appearance on the cocktail tables…


…and on the groomsmen’s lapels.


A splendid display of deep blue and green hydrangea accompanied dinner.


And last but not least, the bride carried an exquisite bouquet
comprised entirely of white iris held together with a satin ribbon and
pearl clasp.


But the loveliest arrangement of all? The happy couple!


Thank you, Lauren and Jeremy, for a wonderful evening. Congratulations, and have fun in Mexico!


One Response to “Post-Wedding Blues (and Purples, Whites, Greens…)”

  1. CashmereLibrarian Says:

    I just found your blog, and was browsing through your older posts, when to my surprise I came upon this entry and realized that I know the groom! I think I was his professor last year…
    Small world.

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