Snakes on a Runway

Okay, I promise this is the last time I’ll post about animal
skins—I’m usually very humane!—but it seems that someone else is having
a reptile moment as well. I just caught the runway pics from last
night’s Calvin Klein Resort 2009 showing, where CK creative director
Francisco Costa revealed that python was his main inspiration for the

The gradient tones on this piece are so elegant, and I love how the
strong arms offset the slim line of the skirt. What a way to elevate
the simple shift dress!


Here the snakeskin pattern has been enlarged and tone-on-tone
embossed to update the classic tan trench. Also note the organic fold
of the hem.


If you look closely at the skirt below, you can see that it is an
open mesh weave–a brilliant reference to the delicate, papery
appearance of the sheath of skin the snake leaves behind after he sheds
and goes on his snakey way. It’s an edgy take on the ladylike lace pencil skirt.


But my favourite look from the collection is the strapless number
below. This is how I imagine the snakeskin would look if you zoomed in
a million times; the scales are huge and exaggerated, and the subtle
shading has given way to broad swaths of color. It’s like one of those
macro-lens "Guess the Photo" games they used to feature in Highlights for Children.


Covet the whole collection here. Happy slithering!


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