Under My Skin

I’m completely obsessed with R & Y Augousti. The collection is
designed by a brilliant husband and wife team in Paris and consists of
furniture, home accents, and personal accessories made from exotic
skins like python, cobra, ostrich foot and stingray (aka shagreen).

stingray is my personal favourite. It has the craziest bubbly texture
and is hard like plastic, and it comes in a range of colors from soft
ivory and pale mint to a deep, smokey grey.


I would create a little vignette on one
of the trays with a mix-and-match stack of boxes and bouquet of dusky
purple tulips.


I’m especially drawn to these designs because
of their versatility. Their barely-tamed wildness would nicely
complement other rustic, nature-inspired pieces.


On the other hand, their
organic quality would offer textural contrast to a sleek,

contemporary interior.


If you’re really feeling the R & Y
Augousti vibe, you can invest in this stingray desk. And the above statement about versatility doesn’t apply,
because it looks like the desk might come to life and swim around your office! This is really one to build a room around.


company is in the process of building their website; for now you can
find R & Y Augousti online at Lille: a shop or Barneys New York.


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