Into the Blogosphere: A Well-Cushioned Leap

At the suggestion of a very dear colleague, mentor and friend, I have decided to undertake a blog. This will require not only that I carve out the requisite amount of time for daily posts, but also that I overcome the fear of sending my thoughts out into the ether—no small feat, to be sure!

Still though, it seems like a great way to work out some the editorial energy that renders me giddy when my mags arrive in the mail every month (Martha! Lucky! Domino! How I worship you!). Expect a hodgepodge of posts at first, a random mix of musings on fashion, interiors, cooking, culture and whatever else happens to be on my radar. I’m sure I’ll find a focus eventually. So here goes.

They say good help is hard to find, but a good couch is even harder to find. I have very exacting specifications for couches—those in the know might say I have exacting specifications for everything—and recent attempts to meet those specifications left me in despair. All the couches out there were too huge or too puny. They were too slick or too slouchy. They had arms and backs that towered like prison walls, and cushions that promised a lifetime of chiropractic adjustments. I wanted a couch, not the cargo bed of a pick-up truck.


Enter the Conservatory Settee: a new offering from Crate and Barrel that more than satisfies all my couchy requirements. The geniuses over at C&B have somehow engineered a piece that seats three and lounges two comfortably—yet leaves space to spare in my shoebox of a living room. Slim carved feet float it an airy four inches off the floor. A snugly upholstered bench seat—as opposed to separate cushions—prevents the sensation that the couch is devouring you alive. It retails for $1,299.00 and is available immediately in an inoffensively muted floral, but for a 12 week wait and an extra $400.00 I had it custom upholstered a solid flaxen linen.

I did have some problems arranging the delivery (problems that would have been solved if only I lived in a doorman building), but on the sunny Saturday that my Conservatory finally arrived, all the wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth were forgotten. I also posted our old (inferior) couch on Craigslist (sold! in three hours! For $80!), and words cannot describe the unadulterated joy I felt when my husband arrived home to find me theatrically counting four crisp twenty-dollar bills on our beautiful, perfect couch.

And what makes it so perfect? For starters, the shape, scale, and styling give it more personality than any mod sectional or English roll arm could ever hope to have. Yet the neutral, subtly textured upholstery allows it to mix with a variety of other pieces. I like the idea of accentuating its rustic whimsy with a studded Bergère in weathered ivory leather.


Or perhaps I’ll juxtapose its antique tailoring with a bit of cheeky Palm Beach glamour.


But there’s plenty of time for nail-biting decisions like these. And until then, the best part of all? I finally have a perch worthy of my beloved Jonathan Adler pillow!



One Response to “Into the Blogosphere: A Well-Cushioned Leap”

  1. dolce chic Says:

    Is this your sofa with the cute cushion? Love them both! That chair is gorgeous too!

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